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Why the Carb Counting FOOD SPIRAL®?

The Carb Counting FOOD SPIRAL® was created to help you eat foods that are low in carbohydrate content. Carbs have a significant impact on blood sugar, as they include sugars, starches, cellulose and fiber. This spiral focuses on Fats and Protein as your sources of energy over Breads and Starches. Here, you will learn the difference between Healthy (Complex) and Unhealthy (Simple) carbs so that you can control your blood sugar levels.

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Take Food Fitness First on the Go!

The Food Fitness First app is the first of it’s kind to help those with chronic illnesses looking to improve their health – NOT JUST A WEIGHT LOSS APP. Patients use our easy system of GREEN, YELLOW and RED foods to plan meals and the FOOD TRACKER to keep up with the amount of sodium, fat, calories, carbs, etc. each meal and each day.

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