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The diet cards can be copied and are in color and can be copied and placed on the patient’s tray with each meal. The card has a list of foods included or excluded from with diet/s. The diet cards included are Full Liquid Diet, Low Cholesterol-Low Sodium, Low Residue, Mechanical Soft, Protein-Sodium-Fluid Restricted, Pureed, Regular, Renal, Low Salt/Sodium, Soft No Gastric Stimulants, High Fiber, Diabetic-NCS, Diabetic-Renal, Low Fat, Calorie Controlled, Calorie Controlled-Low Sodium, Clear Liquid, Clear-Diabetic, Regular High Protein, Regular High Fiber, a list of diets for the hospital and nursing home, a dietary alert, a handout on Healthy Suggestions for Weight Gain, handout on High Fructose Corn Syrup, a handout for High Fiber Foods with examples, Latex Sensitivity, Dietary Alert Form, PESS, Chart Audit Form, and a RD Referral Sheet.

Diet Cards for Patient Trays

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