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 7 Day Disaster Plan with an Emergency Supply Checkoff, Menus for 7 Days, Extensions for the Menus- Regular/Pureed, NCS (No Concentrated Sweets) and LGR (Liberal Geriatric Renal),  Policy and Procedure with Signature Sheet, Overview of Plans, Guidelines, Food Supply, Garbage, Checklist for Personnel and non-personnel, Staffing, Equipment, Items to Purchase for 25, 50 and 100. Agreement for Bread, etc., In-service Education with sheets for documentation and a certificate for staff. 3 Day Disaster Plan also included.
Portion Control, Cook Annual Competency, Georgia FOOD CODE Food Temperature Sheet, Goals to Prevent Hypertension (3 Pages), Milk Cooler Temperature Sheet, Physical Activity, Pot and Pan Temperature Sheet, Receiving Temperature Log, Sanitation Inspection-6 Pages, Steam Table Pan Set-Up.

Disaster Plan 1 Gallon for Nursing Homes

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